Daniel Heyman
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Artist Daniel Heyman
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  Artist Daniel Heyman at The Print Center, for his Abu Ghraib Detainee Interview Project Exhibit  
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December 15, 2008
Museum Extends "EYE WITNESS" to January 18, 2009

December 5, 2008
Little Village, Eye Witness: Daniel HeymanŐs Portraits of Iraqi Torture Victims

November 19, 2008
Packet Online for Central New Jersey: In Their Own Words

November 19, 2008
Chris Bartlet, a photographer who has traveled wtih the team to Istanbul and Amman, has set up a site for all of the art and writing going on on this project.

November 16, 2008
DesMoines Register: Abu Ghraib portraits draw on interviews

November 10, 2008
REVIEW Corridor Buzz! Setting enhances searing portrayal of torture victims

October 25, 2008
Center for Constitutional Rights: "Torture and Representation"- A panel discussion with CCR attorney Katherine Gallagher et. al.

October 21, 2008
Center for Constitutional Rights: Human Evidence: The War on Iraq - Art Exhibition and Panel - Princeton, NJ

October 16, 2008
No Caption Needed: Arts Forum: "Torture and Representation"

August 2008
Refugee Media Project: Resources, The Work of Daniel Heyman

June 2008
Wild River Review: Abu Ghraib Part II

June 2008
Art Jaw: Artist Daniel Heyman Interviewed

May 4, 2008
Surfing the Spectacle: Behold the Man

May 2, 2008
REVIEW Daily Herald: The Draw of Art

April 8, 2008
REVIEW Chicago Reader: Blackwater Invaded Illinois screening

March 29, 2008
REVIEW Woodblock Dreams: SGC Friday - Daniel Heyman and Sandow Birk

March 28, 2008
Art News: Lynn Dunham's Creative Resource Blog

March 23, 2008
REVIEW New York Times: Crux of War Depicted in Human Terms

March 12, 2008
Chicago Access Network Television Interview: DePaul University

Spring 2008
REVIEW Amnesty Int'l: Shelly R. Langdale Views the Prints of Daniel Heyman
The Abu Ghraib Detainee Interview Project

February 28, 2008
REVIEW Poughkeepsie Journal: Exhibit Displays Art of War

February 27, 2008
Seattle PI/Blogs: War as the Assumed Context

February 20, 2008
REVIEW Chicago Tribune: Abu Ghraib Project Becomes a Badge of Shame

February 20, 2008
REVIEW Chicago Public Radio: Artist Takes Intimate Look at Torture Victims

February 9, 2008
NORTH DAKOTA MUSEUM OF ART: Inhumanity, in humans' terms

February 2008
Esquire Magazine - The Ticking Is The Bomb

February 2008
REVIEW Streetwise: DePaul Art Museum depicts civilians tortured at Abu Ghraib

February 2008
REVIEW Art In America, Philadelphia - Daniel Heyman at the Print Center

January 2008
Virginia Quarterly Reveiw: Art Born of the Need to Tell

January 28, 2008
Chronogram - Still Life With Torture

January 24, 2008
The Phoenix/Swarthmore - Professor sketches stories of Abu Ghraib detainees