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Excerpted from Daniel Heyman’s online journal

"I think I should describe my working method so that what you read has a context. I sit in this hotel room and draw the face of an Iraqi who is telling the most humiliating and degrading story of his life. I try to disappear. I draw, first a small sketch on a scrap of paper, and then a copper plate using a stylus. This plate will be the matrix for a print.

As I listen and draw, I am also inscribing the words I hear into the copper, backwards. I have to write very quickly, so that I do not loose the thread of the story. I need to evaluate what I hear – is this the part I will transcribe, is it a story that condenses the whole experience, or through it will a viewer understand what this is about? So it is a game of waiting and listening. I also have to judge how long the interview will go on to leave enough space for an upcoming story. If there is no room on the plate, I type the story into the computer. I have done very little editing, hopefully it will retain the freshness of the interview."