Daniel Heyman
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June 26, 2004
Moore Art
Moore photoI told you about the many stealth works in "Open" at Arcadia. (see posts one and two) I had just come from that show when I saw this one for the second time. Guess I was not expecting stealth. But I found it in spades. In fact, I found it late, after studying my photos. Daniel Heyman's "Untitled (from War Series)" a four-panel acrylic and gouache on vellum work made me scratch my head. The work is so lovely and lyrical I wondered why it was from a war series. In fact, the artist has inserted into the swirling world of figures, fish, kimono wearing geishas and such, repeat imagery from the Iraq war. Specifically, those Abu Graib photographs of torture. You must look hard to see them. This piece, while completely different in affect, shakes hands with M. Ho's prettied up newspapers in Mixmaster Universe. See my previous post for more on that.

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