Daniel Heyman
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Sunday, April 24, 2005
Saving the world south of South St.

By the time I got to the Fleisher Challenge 4 opening it was almost packed like a sardine can. Daniel Hewyman's wonderful oil, ink and gouache on mylar paintings*, a bunch with red dots decorating the wall, take the big front room and -- what I could see peeking through the bodies -- are as rich and lush and layered as tapestries -- only more colorful. Heyman, (pictured right) a well-loved teacher (at Philadelphia University) whose show at 55 Mercer Gallery closed recently was mobbed by well-wishers, some of whom appeared to be students. Heyman's beautiful prints about the terrible Abu Graib prisoner torture scandal were a hit at the Philadelphia Selections exhibit at the Moore Galleries last fall. This work carries on Heyman's war theme. [*ed. note: This post previously called Heyman's work prints, but the artist wrote to correct me saying the majority of the works are paintings.]

-Permanent Ink, Roberta 5:04 PM